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    What Guides Us?


    A Collaborative Voice Connecting Business With Opportunity


    To Facilitate Economic Prosperity Through Advocacy, Support and Education

    The Strategic Plan

    The Fort Nelson & District Chamber of Commerce is committed to organizational excellence in service to our members and the broader community. We will focus on:

    The Fort Nelson & District Chamber of Commerce is evolving our internal governance processes as we move toward organizational excellence.


    The Fort Nelson & District Chamber of Commerce is committed to engaging the business community and supporting its members with relevant information, valuable education, and timely support.


    The Fort Nelson & District Chamber of Commerce facilitates connections that foster an environment for a healthy, prosperous economy.



    What does the Fort Nelson Chamber do?

    The Fort Nelson & District Chamber of Commerce started taking its first steps towards economic development when it began in 1959.

    Now the Fort Nelson Chamber is comprised of members in a wide range of businesses, from home-based businesses, retailers and services, to farming, construction, manufacturing, transportation, oilfield and more. The Chamber plays a role in helping people from these sectors network among each other to do business and to learn from each other. It also helps them speak up with one voice about shared concerns and obstacles to achieving business goals.

    The Fort Nelson & District Chamber of Commerce is a volunteer organization of business and professional men and women, who have joined together for the purpose of promoting the civic, commercial and industrial progress of their community.

    The Chamber has a major impact on business, income and future growth of the community, as the area’s economic well being is directly related to the caliber of work that is done by the Chamber.

    The primary functions of the Chamber of Commerce are:

    • To promote a better understanding of the private enterprise system.

    • To coordinate the efforts of commerce, industry and the professions in maintaining and strengthening a sound and healthy business climate in the Town of Fort Nelson, and the surrounding area.

    • To provide creative business leadership and effective co-ordination of all interested parties in solving community problems and in initiating constructive community action.

    • To create broad understanding and appreciation of the great opportunities in our area, and to promote the advantages and assets of this district and surrounding area.


    Our History

    The Fort Nelson Chamber of Commerce has been serving Fort Nelson since June 5,1959 when we registered as the Fort Nelson Board of Trade  under the Boards of Trade Act.

    A group of local businessmen formed an organization dedicated to community welfare and development. The next few years saw Fort Nelson grow and an economic boom began in our area. Business prospered, the population expanded, and on June 14, 1961 the Fort Nelson Board of Trade changed its name to the Fort Nelson & District Chamber of Commerce. Today, this non-profit organization continues to serve the interests of business in a rapidly changing economy.

    The Fort Nelson & District Chamber of Commerce is funded through annual membership of its's member businesses and agencies along with various business events which enable us to advocate on behalf of business.

    Through the years, the Chamber has worked closely with the business community and various levels of government to find solutions to challenges faced by the community and has spearheaded numerous solutions.