• CRA - Business Liaison Officers: 3/12/2024

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    March 12, 2024
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    Your organization has been identified as a key stakeholder of the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA).
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    Our experts can help you understand your business
    tax obligations: Meet the Liaison Officers

    Owners of small businesses and self-employed individuals, did you know that the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) offers free Liaison Officer (LO) services to help you understand your tax obligations? Meeting with a Liaison Officer is completely confidential: any information you choose to share during your visit will not be shared with any other areas of the CRA, or anyone else.
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    • Since 2014, more than 94,000 small businesses have benefited from the CRA’s Liaison Officer service
    • Nearly all taxpayers who participated in an anonymous post-service survey confirmed the LO service helped them to better understand their tax obligations and that our liaison officers were able to answer all of their tax-related questions
    • There are CRA liaison officers all across Canada ready to help you!
    See what the Liaison officers can do for you
    There are 2 ways businesses or self-employed individuals can access the Liaison Officer service:
    1. Request a personalized visit (service is available in person, by phone or online via MS Teams)
    2. Organize an in-person seminar or online webinar for your association or group
    During a personalized visit or seminar/webinar, the liaison officer will:
    • help you better understand your tax obligations and possible business deductions
    • explain general bookkeeping concepts and best practices
    • explain how to avoid common tax errors
    • give you an overview of helpful online tools and electronic services offered by the CRA
    • answer your tax-related questions and address concerns
    • show you how to use the Financial Performance Data to compare your business revenues and expenses with others in the same industry 
    If you’re having a personalized visit, the liaison officer will provide recommendations on how to strengthen your bookkeeping system and offer suggestions related to your books and records.
    Webinars for groups and associations on the Underused Housing Tax
    The Liaison Officer service is offering free educational webinars on the Underused Housing Tax (UHT) to groups or associations to help owners get the information they need. The UHT is an annual 1% tax on the ownership of vacant or underused housing in Canada that took effect on January 1, 2022. During a UHT webinar, the liaison officer will:
    • provide an overview of the UHT
    • explain who must file a return and pay the tax
    • discuss the exemptions available from paying the tax
    • show how to calculate the UHT and file the return
    • answer general questions about the UHT
    How to get more information and book a meeting with a Liaison Officer
    Please visit Liaison Officer service - free tax help for small business owners and self-employed individuals to find out more about the Liaison Officer service and request a personalized visit or group webinar/seminar today!
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