• Environmental Protection Notice - Application for Approval EOG Canada Oil & Gas Inc.: 7/3/2024

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    July 03, 2024
    Application for an Approval Under the Provisions of the Environmental Management Act
    EOG Canada Oil & Gas Inc. will apply to the BC Energy Regulator (BCER) for authorization to bury unused silica sand, and concrete associated with the sand storage structure, in an existing borrow pit.  This clean sand is over 98% pure silica grains, derived from an ancient beach deposit.  The concrete is composed of water, pebbles and sand and Portland cement, as commonly used in residential house foundations.  Limestone aggregate from leases and the Gote Route 55 Road will be placed in other existing borrow pits along the road.  This naturally occurring limestone came from a large bedrock outcrop near Highway 77 (quarry located at a-066-L/094-O-15).  This limestone does not contain sulphide minerals.
    The lands upon which these materials will be disposed of include the a-056-B/094-O-09 lease and borrow pits along the Gote Route 55 Road (9.1 km long), located approximately ninety kilometres north northeast of Fort Nelson, within the Northern Rockies Regional Municipality. 
    6,850 cubic metres (m3) of silica sand, up to 1,000 m3 of broken concrete, and up to 44,500 m3 of limestone aggregate will be disposed of in four locations as follows:
    • Sand, mixed with glacial till, will be placed in an existing borrow pit (Borrow Pit #6; longitude/latitude 59.5455N/122.1916W); broken concrete pieces will also be disposed of in Borrow Pit #6, then covered with glacial till and re-vegetated,
    • The lower silo foundation concrete slab will be left in place on the a-056-B/094-O-09 lease, covered with a soil mound and re-vegetated to mimic natural mounds in the area. 
    • Limestone aggregate from Km 0 to 5.7 km along the road will be disposed of into Borrow Pit #1 (located at longitude/latitude 59.4997N/122.2351W) and capped with clay-rich glacial till and re-vegetated. 
    • Limestone aggregate from Km 5.7 to 9.1 km, and associated leases with stockpiled limestone, will be disposed of in either BP#7 (longitude/latitude 59.5460N/122.1861W) and left with a water cap; or in BP#8 (longitude/latitude 59.5475N/122.1853W) then covered with glacial till and re-vegetated.
    Disposal activities will occur intermittently from August 2024 through November 2025.  EOG anticipates it will take approximately four weeks to dispose of the sand and concrete, and three months for the limestone aggregate.
    Any person adversely affected by the proposed disposal of these materials who wishes to provide relevant information may, within 30 days of this posting, send written comments to the applicant’s email:
    swel@telus.net, and copy the Waste Management section at the BC Energy Regulator either by email: Waste.Management@bc-er.ca or by mail: 6534 - 100th Ave., Fort St. John, B.C., V1J 8C5.  The identity of any respondents and the contents of submissions in relation to this application will become part of the public record.

    Dated this 3 day of July 2024.                           ________________________
    Contact person:  Derek Brown, P.Geo.                   Agent for EOG Canada Oil & Gas Inc.
    Email address: 
    swel@telus.net                            #3300   205 – 5th Avenue SW
    Phone: (250) 888-9650                                       Calgary, AB   T2P 2V7

    Derek Brown, P.Geo., Agent for EOG Canada Oil & Gas Inc.
    swel@telus.net , (250) 888-9650