• CRA - Manage Your Business Account: 8/4/2023

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    August 04, 2023
    Please see the information below from the Canada Revenue Agency on knowing who has access to your business account information:

    Your association or organization has been identified as a key stakeholder of the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA). We hope you will share the following information with your membership.
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    Do you know who has access to your tax accounts?
    Here’s how to find out!
    If you are a business owner, here are some helpful tips and information for you to protect and manage who has access to your CRA online account.
    Monitoring your business account
    It’s important to know who your authorized representatives are and what information they can access, view, and update. We encourage you to participate in safeguarding your information by:
    • Regularly accessing and monitoring My Business Account to ensure the representatives you have authorized are current and if not, cancelling anyone who should not have access
    • Managing your representative’s scope of authorization and level of access to your CRA online account 
    • Using My Business Account to keep informed about transactions performed on your business account by your representative
    Maintaining your representatives with delegated authority
    A representative with delegated authority has almost the same level of access and authorization as you, the business owner. For this reason, it is important to be proactive in ensuring the delegated authorities are kept up-to-date with the arrivals and departures of employees from your company.
    For example, when your delegated authority is changing jobs, they can and should authorize a new delegated authority before they leave. Then, their replacement can cancel the previous delegated authority’s authorization when they leave.
    To learn more about the authorization levels and scope, go to Levels and scope of authorization that you can give representatives of your business.
    Managing the levels and scope of authorization
    Complete the following steps:
    1. Sign in to My Business Account
    2. From the toolbar at the top of the page, select Profile
    3. Select Manage authorized representatives
    4. On the Authorized representatives page, click on the representative whose authorization you wish to view or manage
    5. On the Representatives page, follow the instructions to add authorization for different program accounts, change the level of authorization for a program account, or cancel the authorization
    To learn more about the levels of authorization available to your representatives, go to Authorize a representative: Level of access you can give.
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