• Canadian Chamber - Senate Report Canada: Still Open for Business: 10/16/2018

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    October 16, 2018
    Senate Committee Echoes Your Policy Resolutions in Report Released Today

    Today, the Standing Senate Committee on Banking,Trade and Commerce’s recommendations released a report called Canada: Still Open For Business? The report outlined a number of recommendations to the federal government to improve Canadian business competitiveness: 
    Why is this important? Much of what the Committee proposes has been at the core of our collective advocacy efforts in recent years. You will see a number of direct correlations between our policy resolutions and what the Senate Committee has determined in in Canada’s best interests.
    Specifically, the report recommends that the federal government:
    • Establish a Royal Commission to review Canada’s taxation system
    • Needs to reduce the regulatory burden on businesses
    • Eliminate internal trade barriers
    • Invest in Canada’s trade-enabling infrastructure
    • Pursue aggressive trade diversification strategy
    We look forward to the government’s response to this important and timely report, and remain committed to helping government implement its recommendations which will help to build a Canada that wins
    See the Canadian Chamber’s response here.