• Canadian Chamber - Business Recovery Bulletin: 4/6/2021

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    April 06, 2021
    As the pandemic continues to evolve, so too do our responses and supports. Canada continues to face strong headwinds. COVID-19 numbers are rising, restrictions on our activities remain — and, in some cases are increasing again — and we face great economic uncertainty as businesses downsize or close and Canadians lose their jobs.

    Through this new update, replacing the previous COVID Bulletin, we intend to bring the entrepreneurial DNA of our members and of our COVID-19 Recovery Leadership Council to take on the social, economic and healthcare challenges created by COVID-19. The ingenuity and adaptability of businesses will allow us to be a critical partner of governments in delivering results more quickly.

    We will continue to highlight supports as they become available and introduce new opportunities to showcase the business leadership that will help Canada recover as quickly and safely as possible.
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    Industry Advisory Roundtable on COVID-19 Testing Recommends Self-testing
    The Industry Advisory Roundtable on COVID-19 Testing, Screening, Tracing and Data Management has released a second report. This report reiterates the importance of task shifting to enable the use of rapid tests to screen for COVID-19 in workplace settings. Rapid screening helps with the quick isolation of positive COVID-19 cases to keep the rest of the workplace safe and support economic recovery.
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    CBRN Resources Have Moved to Chamber.ca
    The information has been transitioned over to the Resources section of the Canadian Chamber’s website. The CBRN.ca domain name will redirect to you this new page. If you have links to the CBRN website, those links will no longer work. We encourage you to update your resources.
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    Federal Government Increases Alcohol Excise Tax – Again
    It’s April 1, but this is no April Fool’s joke. Canadians already pay some of the highest alcohol prices in the world, with 47% of the retail price of beer being tax, 65% for wine and a whopping 80% tax on spirits.

    Nevertheless, and despite the ongoing pandemic crisis in hospitality, today Ottawa has again increased the tax rate. This is clearly unhelpful for economic recovery, and we continue to call on the government to reverse course in the upcoming April 19 budget.
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    Your Input Sought: Survey on Port of Montreal Labour Disruption Impacts
    We welcome input from any businesses whose activities have been disrupted or diverted due to the ongoing labour dispute at the Port of Montreal. The survey deadline is 5:00 p.m. ET on Tuesday, April 6
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    Virtual Event Replay: Crisis and Opportunity: Tech Adoption and Future Skills Demand
    Earlier this week, our Chief Economist and Senior Vice President, Policy, Trevin Stratton, weighed in on a discussion on some of the key trends in business adaptations over the course of the pandemic as evidenced by the results of the Canadian Survey on Business Conditions.
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    An Interesting Listen | A Tale of Two COVIDs
    If you’ve got some time over the upcoming holiday weekend, you may want to take a listen to the San Francisco Experience podcast as host Jim Herlihy discusses the different paths taken by Canada and the United States in the face of COVID-19 with our own Trevin Stratton.  
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    IR4: Beyond Paris: Greening Canada’s Transportation Technology  
     April 7 | 1:00 p.m. to 2:00 p.m. ET | Virtual
    Canada has long been a leader in the global fight against climate change. Nowhere is this more evident than in its transportation sector. Whether it's planes, trains or automobiles, each has a significant role to play in meeting not only Canadian environmental objectives but global targets as well. Industry has and continues to demonstrate leadership in ensuring a clean future for people around the world.
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    Facebook: Supporting Vaccine Rollout Is Critical for Canada’s Economic Recovery
    We won’t see true recovery until vaccines are widely accessible and it’s clear we need to act quickly and we need to get this right. Challenged by limited vaccine supply, the next critical step for Canadians and our economy is to amplify public health messages encouraging vaccine acceptance. The business community has an important role to play.
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