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    January 09, 2024
    On December 29, 2023, our President and CEO, Perrin Beatty, sent an open letter to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, calling for a sober assessment of Canada’s international priorities and a recalibration of how we engage with other nations. 

    The letter recognizes how quickly the world has changed in only a few years, with the international order being challenged and undermined on many fronts. 

    It also draws attention to the fact that, apart from the Indo-Pacific Strategy, Canadian foreign policy in recent years has frequently appeared to be reactive and unfocused, signaling that we have too often concentrated our efforts on policies designed to produce good feelings instead of on those that will produce good results. 
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    Mr. Beatty also joined CBC’s Power and Politics on January 3 to discuss the contents of the letter.  
    The important thing is that our role in international relations is shrinking, and we are drifting toward irrelevance,” he said. “This is happening at a time when Canada has what the world wants, and where this could be Canada's moment.
    Watch the Full Interview

    Flat job growth, 5.8% unemployment, and 5% wage increase — what does this combination of factors mean for Canada's economic trajectory? 

    With the release of the December 2023 Labour Force Survey on Friday, our Senior Economist, Andrew DiCapua, explored the implications of these figures and their potential impact on the broader economy. 

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    Investing in Your People: The Key to Small Business Success 

    It's easy to overlook the critical role that human resources plays in the company's success. Yet, the backbone of any thriving business lies within its people. That's why prioritizing human resources training and development is an absolute game-changer. 

    Why is HR training vital? 

    Retention rates surge 
    Boosted productivity 
    Positive work culture 
    Elevated morale 
    Consistency and compliance 

    Discover more about why HR training and development is pivotal for small businesses. 
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    From Our Partners


    ACA’s #ShowYourReceipts Campaign 

    The Agriculture Carbon Alliance (ACA) has initiated the impactful #ShowYourReceipts campaign, inviting farmers to spotlight the tangible costs of the carbon tax on their on-farm propane and natural gas practices. This campaign serves as an opportunity for Canadian agriculture to present a clear narrative to legislators, shedding light on the financial implications for farmers, growers and ranchers. 
    Join the Movement, Share Your Receipts and Let Your Voice be Heard

    MentorAbility Canada Facilitates Recruitment and Inclusion

    January is Mentoring Month, a good time to discuss a national mentoring initiative that facilitates both recruitment and disability inclusion. One of the top five challenges for more than one third of Canadian businesses in 2023 was recruiting and retaining skilled employees. Meanwhile, over 600,000 skilled working-age persons experiencing disability are ready to work. 
    MentorAbility Canada is a national initiative of the Canadian Association for Supported Employment (CASE) funded through the Government of Canada’s Opportunities Fund for Persons with Disabilities. MentorAbility activities are facilitated by employment professionals with expertise in workplace disability inclusion. 
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